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About Star

The Full Story

In life, some may walk, others may run, but remember the Lord gave the tortoise and the horse the same days to reach Noah's ark. Your journey might be rough and tough but you will definitely get to your destination.

Coming from a family of business owners who is versatile, business and fashion oriented stemming from Zimbabwe, Africa.  As a first generation business owner in America, Star, was destined to pursue a successful career in the world of beauty.

Star Kreations Salon owner
Star Kreations Salon owner

From her early roots of doing her siblings and school mates hair in Zimbabwe, sweeping hair from the floors of JC Penny, assisting established stylists, and becoming an established Stylist and Salon Owner. Star quickly established a winning undeniable reputation. Clients loved her as she never let anyone leave without feeling amazing. And, the staff adored her because she was so open about sharing her knowledge and offering support where needed. Based on her learnings behind the chair, Star realized not all salons are created equal and a majority of booth renters are provided very little support to ensure their success.

 I migrated here in 1987 as a college student. I Graduated in 1993 with a BA in Business. A year later, I graduated from Hair School with the intention of going back to Zimbabwe and opening a Cosmetology School.

     I got married and had my son, so my plans changed. Child care was hard so it was easy to work as a Cosmetologist. I started my journey at JC Penny salons in 1995 working with all types of clientele. It was then l developed the love of extensions.


Star Kreations Salon owner


     I became obsessed with the art of extensions because I realized the power they had. With extensions, I could truly help women, whether it be medical-related hair loss or just a bad haircut. I could help and share this beautiful gift of mine.

Fast Forward...

     27 years later, I’m now a mom of two, a top extensionist, and salon owner and a suite salon owner. I opened my first salon when my first son was 4 and my second son was only 2 and have been a proud working mom ever since. I’ve lived and breathed extensions since the very beginning of my career – and not just as a stylist. I’ve seen every side of the industry. My clients now range from working moms to celebs (and everyone in between), but everyone in my chair gets the same treatment and service. Extensions are for everyone – and so is Extension Arts. 

Star Kreations Salon owner

OUR Mission

To inspire and support beauty professionals to chase their dreams, elevate their careers, and experience the freedom of salon ownership.

To put it simply, our brand promise is to always take care of our professionals. We promise to provide them with a beautiful studio and the support and tools they need to be successful so that they can experience the freedom and benefits of salon ownership.

And then we promise to celebrate their success. This is the heart of our business model.

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